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About Us

About Us

About Us – Piomar LTD has many years of experience in recruitment in the UK market . We offer attractive job candidates throughout the UK. Our employees provide their services to companies specializing in the metal industry , which produce a variety of steel structures, as well as parts of ships and machinery. By having extensive databases, and regularly updated information we have access to the most specialized group of workers of the future.

This allows us to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of our customers , who often wait for an employee with relevant experience and skills , but also ready to work immediately . We supplement our database by regular advertising campaigns to ensure the highest probability of finding the right candidate for our clients.

We also provide networking activities by cultivating contacts established relationship with the widest circles of entrepreneurs in the industry. This facilitates the effective exchange of information and business friendly atmosphere . Mutually recommend their services , share knowledge and provide support when it is needed . Contacts networking based on mutual trust and support. The key task is to build long-term relationships based on mutual benefits.

We always work quickly , efficiently, but most of all we are focused on quality . All this is possible thanks to the bilingual ( English- Polish ) team of consultants with years of experience in the industry. Our specialists will carefully examine every incoming CV and all testimonials and certificates so that an employer can be sure that you receive the best candidates for the job here .

Additional advantages:

  • Help people employed by us in opening a bank account.
  • Fill the forms needed to register with the Home Office or the Inland Revenue.
  • 4 Through comprehensive services in the field of human resource management help its customers achieve success at the professional level.
  • A thorough analysis of the needs and expectations allows us to choose the most effective tools in the implementation of each project.
  • We believe that the value of the company are the people employed in it. Only through their competence and commitment of the company's success is possible. That is why we carefully select future employees.
  • We give people real opportunities for professional and personal development, because we care about the high scientific quality of our activities.
  • We use the principles of professional ethics.
  • For its part, guarantee determination , honesty and loyalty. And we expect the same from our business partners.